Nostalgic Neg on X-Trans IV

Nostalgic Neg on X-Trans IV

Updated guide for accessing Nostalgic Neg on Fujifilm X-Trans IV bodies using Capture One 22.


The instructions are derived from the original Guide: Accessing Nostalgic Negative on X-Trans bodies posted by yayatosorus on dpreview.

This post isn’t a replacement of the original guide, it is a greatly simplified version so you can hit the ground the fastest and start using Nostalgic Neg. I omitted a lot of unnecessary technical details, so if you want to know the physics behind it or have a non-X-Trans IV body, check out the original guide.

Fujifilm, remember Kaizen?

Fujifilm was known by its “Kaizen” concept when it started (as explained in this optional video by the very awesome Chris Lee). That is, it continues to release firmware updates for its older cameras to improve their user experience.

However, recently it hasn’t been doing that much. If you want to get the newest film simulation, you will have to go buy a new camera body. Let’s not feed the greedy capitalists, eh?


I’ll be using macOS. For Windows, check the original guide and use this post as reference, you should be able to figure it out.

Step 0: Install Capture One 22

Just install Capture One 22 Express for Fujifilm. It’s free.

Step 1: Go to film curve folder

Open Finder, on the menu bar Finder - Go - Go to Folder and paste in this file path:

/Applications/Capture One

This is the equivalent of go into the application folder, find Capture One 22, and right click to “Show Package Contents” and navigate to that folder, it is just faster. Note this path is different from Capture One 21.

Step 2: Dump the Film Curves

Download these Pre-Packaged Nostalgic Neg Curve and un-zip them to a folder that you can find.

Carefully rename FujiXS10-Fujifilm NOSTALGIC Neg.fcrv (ONLY RENAME THIS FILE, DO NOT TOUCH ALL OTHER X-T3 .P1X FILES) to Fuji**YOUR CAMERA MODEL**-Fujifilm NOSTALGIC Neg.fcrv. You can find the naming convention in the film curves folder we entered above. Of course, if you have a X-S10, do nothing.

Once you finished the renaming, select all 10 files (INCLUDING ALL .P1X files) and copy them to the FilmCurves folder in Step 1.

Step 3: Apply the Film Sim

You are done if you finished the above two steps!

I am including an extra step in case you wonder how to apply and test our new film simulation.

You will need some raw file taken by your camera. If you don’t have any photo, I will provide a Sample Photo I shot this morning to follow along. Note that if you use this file you’ll also need to install the original FujiXS10-Fujifilm NOSTALGIC Neg.fcrv because I took it with a X-S10.

Morning Queensboro Bridge in Velvia Morning Queensboro Bridge in Velvia, 2022.

Open Capture One, drag the RAF file into the window, select the file and hit Import 1 Image(Or however many images there are).

Import RAF In the right side of the window, Base Characteristics - Curve you should now see an option called Fujifilm NOSTALGIC Neg. Apply the simulation, and there you have it!

Apply Simulation Now just use the Export button on the upper left corner to export the new photo to a location you desire.

Morning Queensboro Bridge in Nostalgic Neg Morning Queensboro Bridge in Nostalgic Neg, 2022.


Fujifilm really need to resume its Kaizen approach and extend the new film simulations to its older cameras. It is possible, I have the proof.

But this also a great way to test out Nostalgic Neg and see if it is the right film simulation for you before you hit that purchase button to buy a shiny new $2,499 X-H2S. I hope it helps.



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Nostalgic Neg on X-Trans IV
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Nostalgic Neg on X-Trans IV